“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the seminar and how inspired and energised I felt afterwards. Actually, the buzz still hasn’t worn off! I can see how many aspects of my life are changing as a result of the change in attitude inspired by you! Your passion is really contagious and you are able to really bring joy and light to people’s lives.

“Alix is an energetic and inspiring seminar leader. Her unique method enabled me to understand the mechanics of voice production on a very basic level. I was reminded of the importance of voice tone in communication. Alix also equipped me with a wonderful tool to connect with and influence people. I can see immediate results both in my personal and professional life. It is incredibly refreshing to come across a technique that is really effective and yet so simple and natural. I would recommend it to anyone!”

Magdelena Douleva – Training Consultant

“The Seminar provided invaluable advice and encouragement with regards to voice training. The instructions and exercises were easy to follow and the results, quite frankly, amazing. Meeting people from a large variety of backgrounds and with unique voice problems/requirements made me not only feel at ease but also enabled me to learn from their progress. Most importantly, the seminar provided 4 hours of challenge, fun and learning and has definitely convinced me to pursue further voice training. All in all, very good value for money and a great experience.”


“I now have the confidence to speak in public with an understanding of the unique technique taught by Alix. I found the visualisations she used helped enormously to learn techniques that are normally so difficult to describe. She also has excellent motivational and confidence building skills. Best of all, I can now even sing lullabies to my daughter!”


“I no longer get sore throats! I am now more confident with my voice in everyday life and can project my voice better when acting. The wide range of exercises, some that do the same thing, are very useful because if one doesn’t work you can always try another. It is good that Alix helps you to sing whatever songs you choose. Plus Alix is enthusiastic and very funny which is important in a teacher. My range has been increased which means I can sing a lot more songs than I used to be able to and write songs with a larger range. The main thing is that I can be confident that I will be able to sing consistently how I want to. I would definitely recommend Alix as a singing teacher to anyone who wants to get the best out of their voice.”

Civil Servant/Actress

“The way Alix teaches is unique. There are no scales or dreary exercises. You choose what you want to work on. Alix clearly explains her technique of using your solar plexus to get the sound you want. She’s also amazingly helpful with audition speeches. With her help, I went to my first singing audition in 10 years. (Sweet Charity) She helped me approach my song from a new and different angle. Alix is warm, friendly and informal. She also pushes you to get the best out of you at a professional level. She also has years of musical theatre experience. Her lessons are certainly worth value for money and a lot of her pupils have gone on to do great things.”

Legal Secretary/Singer

“Alix has a way of making me feel that my talent is unique, rare and special. She is very encouraging and positive, but also able to criticise without making me ‘fall apart’ and lose confidence. She makes singing “fun”.

Alix has a way of making me feel that my talent is unique, rare and special. She is very encouraging and positive, but also able to criticise without making me ‘fall apart’ and lose confidence. For me, as a classically trained singer,it was important for me to feel ‘connected’ i.e. to be singing with the whole of me instead of just my classical voice, which often feels a bit distant from me. Alix’s method makes me sing with and from my ‘soul’! And that’s an amazing feeling, with amazing results.”

Business woman/Singer

“Alix is a fab, enthusiastic teacher who gave me the confidence to sing again. Now that I am really singing I can really appreciate now the very valuable advice that she gave me in particular how to improve my musicianship. Starting from scratch I have amazingly improved my timing and am now learning to read, write music and am presenting my own showcase with a trio. I was also able to search and read a lot musical information because of the very essential fundamental advice Alix gave. I would not have been able to do that journey without the tremendous support and the advice she gave me. The most valuable aspect of Alix’s teaching was to adapt to my needs and give me the ability to actually be independent, discover new material, play a keyboard., not be afraid to fail and hang on. Be able to use music knowledge to gain freedom in the expression of my feelings. She put an emphasis on being myself as opposed to other teachers who are just technical.”

Fitness Instructor


“The breathing work enabled me to take out the tension I realised I was holding in my chest.Alix’s humour and technique really works! Highly recommended!”

TV production manager


“Breath control/not straining the larynx. Everyone at work the next day thought I was someone else whenever I spoke. In other words – they actually heard what I was saying. Amazing!”



“Design of the workshop – consumable theory with fun practice and a non-competitive atmosphere. Absolutely delighted with the results. Wish I’d known all you taught me years ago – my life would have been very different indeed with the vocal technique you’ve taught me. Thank you so very much.”



“Fixing the break in my vocal range

It was on one day rather than over several weeks

Cost was affordable and well worth it!

Understanding finally what it takes to ground a voice and avoid vocal problems

Learning as much as possible about how to use the new technique

Hearing all the different placements in combination to illustrate the information

Being able to have a go at all the new placements”



“I benefited immensely from the theoretical explanations and from how accessible the practical exercises were”



“Learned more about voice technique than in any other voice workshop.

Knowledge of singing technique and how it relates to different styles of singing.

Increased my upper register effortlessly!”



“Learning strategies to help placement of voice.

Listening to others improvements within the seminar “



“Everything! I felt like I had been shown finally how to find the door that will enable me to enter the place I want to go – thank you!”

Interior Decorator


“Finding new placement for my voice.

Gaining a greater understanding of my personal resonance

Getting an insight into the inner workings of the larynx”



“The soundboard model gave enjoyment and great satisfaction – used it to great effect the next day”

Audio Engineer/Music Producer


“The notes, the conga group breathing exercise, and falling off a cliff to relax! Who’d have thought? Unbelievable! Great fun and a fabulous life-changing experience. Thank you so much.”

Art Director


“I feel more confident now because of the support within the group.

I also felt that although the seminar was a more unorthodox style compared to that of the more traditional vocal lesson training out there, I definitely benefited more out of this one seminar than all the others put together that I have attended. Thank you.”

Book Editor


“Information on placement and resonance

Tips on breathing and extending range

Thoroughly enjoyed the seminar and learned so much in just one day

Particularly nice was the humour and exuberance with which your very solid knowledge was conveyed.
Good stuff!”

Computer Consultant


“Enjoyment and fun of improving one’s voice and singing with a group

New techniques

Newfound confidence in range extension.”

Dance Teacher/Actress


“The specific practical things like fixing the break in your range and strengthening your sound – certainly assisted me when teaching.

All the visual presentation was very supportive and helped clarify the theory presented.
The relaxed atmosphere thanks to Alix’s great sense of humour”



“Concise and clear notes and diagrams – applied the technique the very next day with amazing results. Students actually seemed more attentive and I was nowhere near as vocally exhausted after a 2 hour lecture as I normally am.

Inspired me to move myself to the next stage vocally!”


“Well, I certainly got a louder speaking voice by the end, which was what I wanted. I was pleased to see that the whole idea of pulling sound inwards rather than sending it out corresponded with my singing lessons and therefore the singing technique that I already have. What was new for me, was the realisation that I could use this technique in ordinary speech too!

Also, when singing, I had a lot of trouble with supporting from the mystical diaphragm – I was never quite sure where it was and sometimes I think I tried too hard to do so, resulting in more tension. It was great to have somewhere to breathe from where I could actually feel what was happening.

I wanted a bigger, louder, more powerful voice – and I got one! In one easy afternoon!”

Marketing Consultant

“Alix’s technique has given me a better method of gaining volume and depth from my voice without straining. So grateful for that! (I’ve not tried it out at a bar yet to order a drink, but I did manage to get the attention of my husband and father in law when I need to call them back when they were 100 metres further down Exhibition Road one evening! An early example of me putting the method into practice).

I also experience a lot less vocal strain and now understand the range of ‘colours’ I have at my disposal to sing a wider repertoire of songs.

I would say Alix’s technique offers the potential to widen your vocal abilities substantially, both in terms of achieving greater volume and vocal versatility.”

Outreach Support Worker

“Alix puts everyone at ease and such a lot was fitted into one afternoon. I felt that Alix was imparting knowledge that she and other professionals must study years to acquire. In a group context, I became much more aware of other people’s voices and not so worried about mine as we are all different and yet was fascinated at how the technique worked for everyone. I was really surprised by the “popular myths” about voice production that lead to so many familiar vocal problems and found it quite easy to improve my breath control with Alix’s unique method of teaching.

I very much enjoyed the seminar and have found myself much more relaxed and confident when dealing with small or large groups of people.”

Operations Director

“The key things that I took away with me:

  • think about the response you want from your audience, then communicate this to them
  • draw them in, not shout them out
  • communicate passion
  • emphasise the vowels

Found especially useful/practical about Alix’s method: the solar plexus/ controlling exhalation.

The seminar was relaxed and fun, a good diverse mix of people and objectives to really see how versatile Alix’s technique really is.”

Pilates Instructor

“I found Alix’s method of teaching very, very effective. Personally I found it difficult when I began to judge how I was performing with my voice, but Alix gave me the confidence that what I was doing was, if not always right, then working along the right lines, and I think that is all I can expect. I felt more and more confident with every session and felt comfortable enough to begin performing live solo acts with me and my guitar. This had been a dream of mine for a long time and I would like to thank Alix whole-heartedly for allowing my dream to be filled. I found Alix’s simple yet very effective approach very applicable to my level and therefore felt I made some great progress within my capabilities. Alix’s ability to identify this and empathise with what I wanted to achieve made my voice develop an ear for itself which was the confidence I required.

I was recommended to Alix by a friend and I would definitely pass on my recommendations to anyone considering taking up or improving their vocal technique to get in touch with her.

Thank you very much Alix.”

Theatrical Agency Manager

“Many thanks for the vocal seminar, I did thoroughly enjoy it and I have been practising the technique and finding it easier to hit the high notes and to speak with my clients. Also it has made me much more aware of my posture and how it can affect my voice.

Over the years I have been taught a number of different voice techniques and everyone’s seems to be conflicting – even yours. However, yours works for me! Many thanks and just wish I’d known about your technique years ago!”