“Throughout my career I have suffered from voice strain and voice loss when required to shout for prolonged periods. Several visits to laryngologists (with cameras down my throat) established that there were no physical issues and that I possessed very robust chords. Over the years I have sought the help of countless voice coaches and therapists but none could tell me what was causing the problem. Then I met Alix Longman and Hey Presto, problem solved! Alix teaches a method of voice placement which is fast and easy to grasp and the results are incredible! Not only does it prevent strain but it makes the voice richer and more colourful and produces some fascinating results in terms of acting and accessing emotions. This is the single most remarkable discovery I have made in over forty years as an actor and it’s so simple to learn. Alix’s VOCAL CONFIDENCE is absolute GOLD DUST!”

Alun Armstrong – Actor Alun Armstrong (actor) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Working with Alix Longman’s Vocal Confidence technique has been a revelation! It’s simplicity belies how radical her approach actually is, reversing as it does much of the received wisdom of how to teach voice. I am one of a growing band of practitioners who wish they had met Alix about 30 years ago and who feel she should be working in Drama Schools and in our National Theatres. I cannot recommend her highly enough”

Anton Lesser – Actor Anton Lesser – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Thank you to the extraordinarily helpful Alix Longman for getting my voice fit for an audience of 3000 in Trafalgar Square last Monday”

Zeb Soanes – Newsreader & Announcer BBC Radio 4

“A Brilliant Evening at Women of Film & TV (WFTV) October 5th, 2010
Hello there Alix, I wanted to send a hear-felt thank you for an inspirational evening………. you have such an engaging, vibrant delivery…….and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me re-connect to my connection!”

Jo Cameron Brown – Dialect Coach- www.imdb.com/name/nm0131472/

“‘I benefited from your workshop so much, on the night and even the next day!’

‘A resounding success!’
‘I found Alix knowledgeable and really easy going, with a sparkling touch.’
‘It was an excellent session!’
‘So beneficial..I’d love to do more advanced Vocal Confidence workshops.’

All attendees said what they learned was extremely useful for their current careers, and that the session was informative, well paced and managed, with ample opportunity and time given to satisfactorily attend all questions.”

WFTV Attendees

“If you need a good voice coach, call Alix Longman – she’s the bees and the dogs!”

Lyn Burgess – Life coach – http://www.magickey.co.uk/

“Alix Longman is a fantastic voice coach, a very talented artist in her own right, a lovely person, a real trooper and an amazing professional. People can only be enriched from working with her warmth and knowledge. I strongly feel that she doesn’t only deserve the acknowledgement, but also that people out there should benefit from her work… the fact is, that the vocal technique she teaches is empowering, effective and immediate.”

Magda Rodriguez – Actress – www.magdarodriguez.info

“I can’t recommend Alix highly enough. I also think her particular methodology is ideally suited to actors and singers because the fundamentals of what she teaches work very quickly, although they can be built upon in weekly sessions, as I’ve been doing.

I’ve made many many attempts at vocal training and learning to sing during my career. I had a powerful stage voice but it simply faltered when it came to song. In my first lesson with Alix, I heard a voice coming out of me that I didn’t recognize. Within a month, I booked a singing role in a play – Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Since training with Alix, I have also been complemented without prompting that my stage voice had improved immeasurably.

Alix’s methods are markedly different to most voice-teachers’ approaches and I believe wholeheartedly in the Vocal Confidence technique”

Georgina Sherrington – actress/singer – www.georginasherrington.com

“Having been a huge devotee of more conventionally packaged vocal techniques I was greatly interested to see whether this method could actually stand up to inspection and deliver convincingly in such a short time. I was hugely impressed and not only did I feel an immediate difference and improvement in my voice but I did so in a relaxed environment without any uncomfortable feeling of ineptitude or worry that I might not ‘get it’. These techniques have already injected a whole aray of colours and attitudes to my vocal pallet and have been enjoying integrating then into my performance practice.

Especially useful/practical aspects of Alix’s method were the relaxed context and tailored delivery of the session i.e. working with the whole groups needs often brought to light experiences or practical examples that, although not everyday in my profession, helped greatly with my understand the techniques / the no nonsense, no paper approach.
Alix’s teaching method is hugely warm, genuine and human with great command and understanding of the subject and its PRACTICAL applications.

I had a wonderful time and I am passing the word around about your seminar in Jan
Thank you, Tom xx”

Tom Giles – Actor/singer/session vocalist

“Thanks Alix- I think we all had a great time and learned loads… I’ve been wandering around the house today resonating and playing around with different tones, mesmerising the milkman etc

I haven’t learned anything in a group for years- what fun!”

Goldmund Byrne – Consultant / Information architecture, music & media services – www.goldmund.co.uk

“Alix’s method is direct, accessible and exceptionally practical. I keep using it at work and in life (at this stage i say “i keep using it” as i’m still getting used to shifting my awareness of the vocal mechanism in this new/ original / primary light – it is all this i guess, since, from my understanding it is based on what we have forgotten how to use, not on something we need to learn anew…

Especially useful/practical about Alix’s method:

Its simplicity in terms of ease of use – any situation, any place, any time, as long as one’s aware enough to apply a different perspective to the one they’re used to… and a consequent depth and complexity in terms of the effect which in itself carries its own rewards that are immediately recognisable, be they inner or outer – respective on situation, of course

Any particular goals achieved personally or vocationally since utilising Alix’s method:

I can positively say, however, that it has made and is making a very strong impact on my work, rehearsals and training. In an ongoing sense, the goal of applying a method as direct and powerful as this is in itself a goal. Time will tell for those more concrete ones, i am very pleased either way with what i have learned so far

Once again thank you very much Alix!”

Dusan Djurovic – Performer/actor

Thank you so much for such an awesome seminar! I really engaged and felt i responded to your teaching extremely well and i would really like to have some more lessons with you.

But i just wanted to say a massive thank you and i hope to see you again soon.

Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the new year celebrations.

See you in the New Year”

Charlotte Hunter – Actress

“Having attended and organised numerous presentation training courses, the Vocal Confidence seminar is the best I have experienced after 10 years in PR.

In only four hours, all delegates learnt practical skills to:

  • engage the audience

  • present clearly

  • turn nerves to your advantage

  • project your voice so you can be heard without a microphone, whatever the venue or audience size

  • not strain your vocal cordsI would certainly recommend Vocal Confidence to all my clients, colleagues and friends.”

Naomi Prior – Director, Knowwhere Communications.

“I’ve looked at vocal training in books and CD’s in the past, but none have given me the insight and readily executable quantum leap in understanding that Alix provided. She has an ear for smaller details and complications too – so if you already have some grounding in vocal technique or practice there’s the chance that she can fine-tune you with some priceless newfound information.

At first, rather than addressing surface vocal stylings, Alix works your speech from the trunk of the body, rebuilding a lost connection to the core platform of the voice. From here we can command much greater prowess and sonority over the presence of what we say. More importantly her advice and techniques lead a return to the essential dynamics of the emotions in our day-to-day expressions. With this new understanding it is possible to re-connect to ourselves, and others, with an emotional honesty that has been hitherto repressed by overcautious social adjustments and a misplaced idea of where the voice is generated.

As a teacher Alix is a natural – warm, engaging, lighthearted and self-deprecating, she’s honest, efficient and gives time to all the members of the class.

Since the class, at work and play, I’ve been relearning my voice. The confidence of a well-centered voice is marvelous for putting people at ease. This reassuring quality has been useful for:

  • subduing and winning over aggressive customers
  • engaging with strangers instantly
  • making everyday banter more engaging… well-felt and worthwhile.

In short Alix and her course have worked a marvel on me. If you are looking to bring out the innate best in your voice and yourself – then this course will give you what you need.

Thank you Alix!”

Ian Fielding – Writer / Filmmaker

“Alix’s teaching method was perfect for me as I tend to switch off if people start getting too technical and explaining things in too much depth before giving me the chance to put their words into practice. Alix taught the method at exactly the right pace for ease of learning quickly. I have already noticed a difference to my work and so have the people I work with!

Alix’s method is unique. It is simple yet effective, easy to learn, easy to use and not easy to lose! No pressure was applied and if you didn’t get it first time round, there was no feeling that you were stupid or a failure.

I have rehearsed an hour-long show today that is 85% singing with no ill effects on my throat or my voice. This has never happened before ever! I feel more confident in going to auditions and more confident that I will get a wider variety of acting work from now on.

If you want quick results with minimal effort do Alix’s seminar. It will be the best money you ever spend no matter what line of work you are in.

Just to let you know that I will be mentioning your seminars in the newsletter for the Three Counties Branch General Equity branch. I am the Assistant Secretary of the branch and in charge of the newsletter so am sure that will get you a lot of business!”

Karen Kennedy – Actress/singer & Assistant Secretary for General Equity – Three Counties Branch

“Hello Alix,

Let me explode with praise for your presenting style and vocal knowledge!

The seminar was everything I had hoped and I had a great time. I was looking for something to turn my thinking upside down because, after 11 years of seeing various vocal coaches; I was bamboozled, unconfident, suffering from recurring voice loss and had completely lost faith in traditional methods. I was very close to giving up – you were my last hope.

The dream is still alive, thanks to you.

I could have listened to you talk for days on end and I didn’t want the seminar to end – a touch of GENIUS! Brilliant and FUN!

Meeting you and learning your technique has helped me on the way to finding just what I have been searching for for 11 years.

Your technique has undone some of the unhelpful techniques I’ve been using but it has brought alive others that I’d read about but never managed to invoke/evoke. When it goes right; how you KNOW IT!

I will keep you informed of success stories and will tell many, many people about you.

I would recommend the seminar to anyone and everyone. People from all walks of life will benefit and it’s worth every penny.

See you soon,
Very best wishes,”

Wendy Evans – Actor/Singer

“Alix’s technique is fresh and relevant in an industry of urban myths and Chinese whispers.

I cannot imagine anybody who would find it confusing or contradictory to anything they have learnt, just more applicable in performance and easier to understand. At the end of the day if you want to ‘cut the crap’ out of your technique and fall in love with your voice again, Alix Longman is who you need.”

Luke Rich, Actor

“I just wanted to say thank you for the class I had with you. It really helped me with things, in fact I was very emotional when I left…the breath thing was a revelation! Really quite incredible: suddenly many things became very clear to me.

Thanks again, I will certainly recommend you.”

Dominique Baron, Singer/Actress – played Maureen in ‘Rent’ on Broadway

“Success! I covered the weekend breakfast show yesterday – I got more callers, texts and requests than usual and had more confidence about myself because of the new voice technique.”

Andy Kench, Radio DJ Presenter

“I finally grasped what intercostal breathing is. This, linked with proper focus on the solar plexus (and the unclenching of the knees) will be very useful to me as an actor. Alix’s advice is in line with all that I have learnt from the Alexander Technique.

It may sound too good to be true, but you really can learn an awful lot in 4 hours which is easily comprehensible and will not be lost to you as soon as you leave the seminar.”

Hugh Coleridge, Actor

“I enjoyed our session and my dramatised reading event was very successful. I didn’t have any vocal strain during it or afterwards, though I read intermittently over two hours.

I particularly enjoyed the chance to try out some of my own material at the end. I was surprised by how much power I had found and how much people commented on the power of the speech afterwards – tricky, as it was a political speech!

I read/animated that whole scene two days later – just plunged in full bloodedly – and as a number of people said: “The audience was rapt. You could have heard a pin drop”

Norma Cohen, Writer/Dramatist

“I put the technique into practice 2 days after your seminar and it worked! Now I know how to defeat my nerves properly. I have suddenly realised after 15 years of lessons, what on earth I’m supposed to be doing with my breathing and throat when singing and speaking. Not only can I control my voice better, but the regular tiredness in my throat has disappeared. I can speak all day and my singing is coming along. Also my confidence has improved because I feel I can control my nerves now.

Thanks very much for a great afternoon on Saturday! “

Hannah Dean, Actress / Singer

“Thank you very much for a very interesting vocal confidence seminar – you really made it enjoyable. I feel I really learnt a lot.

I now feel more confident about speaking in public and feel able to control my nerves a lot better. I gave a vote of thanks 3 days later and put into practice your amazing breathing technique, used my posture more effectively and felt my voice was much stronger and couldn’t hear a ‘wobble’ ! “

Julie Freeman, Artist

“I was able to use your vocal techniques on national television the day after I attended your course and the results were amazing!

I now have the confidence to speak in public with an understanding of the unique technique taught by Alix. I found the visualisations she used helped enormously to learn techniques that are normally so difficult to describe. She also has excellent motivational and confidence building skills.

I have never found a teacher who produces results so fast!”

Speaker/TV presenter

“Having attended the seminar for improved confidence in my voice when reporting/interviewing I’d just like to say thank you and to let you know that I found the seminar really worthwhile.

The next day I had an interview for Sky television as a nominee for an award as part of The Young Sportswoman of the Year Awards. I was only asked to do this on Sunday and obviously jumped at the chance just as good practice for talking on camera really. I was very glad to have attended the seminar the day before as it was all fresh in my mind and before being filmed I was able to think how to come across better-I altered my posture accordingly and applied the technique before starting.

Anyway, I feel it went very well and will be broadcast as part of the awards – all good practice for what I want to do! Thanks again.”

Sports Presenter/Athlete

“I enjoyed your class very much. Your method works & rocks! I’m attracting what I want! AND I saved lots of money on bottled water! Alix’s technique shatters the man-made myths about voice technique and teaches you the forgotten natural way.

If you want to be able to sell yourself and connect with others try Alix’s seminar.When Alix’s book comes out – it will be a bestseller. Her market is … 6 billion people!!!”

Ernesto Leszek, Actor & Voice Artist

“Just want to say thanks for yesterday. I had a great time. Came into work today and the personnel officer made a comment that I’ve had voice training, without me even hinting about it. She can hear it in my voice, I didn’t know she knew about these things. Everyone else just thinks that I’m in a very good mood. Excellent work Alix, thank you :))))”

Lee Marshall,TV Presenter

“The seminar answered questions I’ve had for years! Its helped me realise the potential of my ‘speaking’ voice in that I’ve now realised how it’s the same as my singing voice. It’s allowed a richness to my voice that I’ve been blindly searching for before and now know how simple it is to achieve. It’s allowed more scope within pieces and hopefully will help in future auditions!

The most useful thing about the method was dispelling the myths and actually seeing how those things not only went together, but also worked on their own. It means I now have more control over what I’m doing with my voice. This is integral to every actor.

My break in my voice has disappeared now I know how to control it, which I was so eager to achieve. Apparently my speaking voice has changed slightly too, which is great!

What wonderful fun! I have never spent such an instructive time and enjoyed it so much – you almost don’t feel like you’re learning anything! Not one minute was wasted. Everything was relevant and in easy to understand terms. Alix actually showed you how and, more importantly, why.

If all my teachers had been like this I would have been a straight A student!

Thank you so much – it really has made such a difference to how I approach things. I have to say I would never have got through such a serious singing audition if it wasn’t for all your advice. Thank you soooo much!!”

Sarah Gain, Actor

“It’s introduced me to a more natural way to support my voice. It’s a surprisingly easy technique to understand. You can instantly see, feel and hear the benefits.

It’s simple common sense! The links made between the natural physical & emotional centres.
Try it! It could be the best 4 hours you spend looking at your vocal technique!”

Mark Huggins, Actor/Singer

“I feel inspired, connected and strengthened. It made so much sense. You connected the technique to the emotion but not in an airy-fairy way, it was down to earth, practical, logical and really wonderfully presented.

The four hour session flashed by in the blink of an eye but was jam packed
full of useful, workable techniques which had immediate and pronounced
positive effects.

The small group size meant that it was very personal but totally non-threatening and the tipsheet to take away means that we can all follow up on what we learnt with or without further contact.”

Ruth Curtis, Actor

“Having twice strained my voice recently, I decided action was needed, so I booked onto Alix’s course. Her techniques were fresh and new to me, and I discovered body resonance (and muscles) that I never even knew I had! She taught some very simple practical tools for preventing voice strain as well as some more profound techniques for using ones breathing and voice more effectively. I know my larynx has benefited hugely from Alix’s Seminar.

I’m really glad I did the course and I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any actor. Particularly if they feel that they are straining, or need more sound with less effort.”

Tom Wontner, Actor/Film-maker

“Alix has a very relaxed teaching style which puts you at ease immediately and an ability to explain difficult concepts with no problem. The seminar was fun as well as extremely useful.”

Susie Riddell, Actor

“After going to so many workshops for actors…..”visualising your abundance and seeing your perfect job, see your worthiness”…and such b****cks, you definitely restored my faith in what I am doing. And really doing what I am doing. THAT IS WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT….ACTING…THE VOICE…MY VOICE! I received so much affirmation and sense of “Yeah! Lets go for it” after the workshop. Thank you so much!”

Rob Davin, Actor

“Just located this site – UK Screen, I was coached by Alix in Australia in the 1990’s and I just wanted to point out that if you were looking for an excellent vocal coach then look no further. I really enjoyed her vocal classes and found them to be very useful. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or even professional you will definitely benefit from her wide experience, from obtaining the right pitch to obtaining the confidence to perform and use the audience to create power in projecting your vocals. I was playing in a band here in Australia and her knowledge and experience assisted me in obtaining the confidence to play to thousands of people in Australia and in the USA. You might even pick up some acting skills also. Alix thank you, It was a real pleasure dealing with a real professional who was always polite and courteous.”

Alix’s technique is simple, straightforward and you learn more valuable things in a few hours than 3 years at drama schoool.

I feel the seminar has given me an insight into how my voice can work more effectively and with less strain. I found it a fascinating and enlightening seminar and would thoroughly recommend this seminar to anyone who has to use their voice publicly.”

Evie Thornton, actor