To reconnect participants to their Vocal Confidence – Contextual explanation is given to help particpants understand how vocal confidence has possibly been sabotaged and then how to correct it via the practical ‘solar plexus connection’ which instantly improves breathing, resonance, projection, placement and tone, reinstating full vocal potential and greater vocal versatility.


This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to reconnect to the strong vocal technique we were all born with to re-enable full vocal potential.


By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

• Improve tone, projection and breathing
• Eradicate sore/hoarse throat
• Access different vocal placements
• Blend upper and lower ranges/registers (singers)
• Present with Control, Confidence and Passion
• Grab and maintain attention of an audience
• Build Rapport
• Apply the VC technique within the seminar with participant feedback
• Enjoy Learning in a Relaxed and Fun Environment


The method used has been developed by Alix over the past twenty years – she has found her own unique way to apply vocal technique to speech as well as singing via theory and practical demonstration utilising fast, fun and accessible exercises providing same day results.


Just a willingness to release previous misconceptions about how the voice works and the desire to maximise one’s vocal potential thereby improving effective communication for business and leisure.

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