Literally thousands of artists from all areas of the Performing Arts, both students and professionals have benefited from Alix’s unique teaching method restoring Vocal Confidence to their speech and singing in performance.

As well as many performers currently working professionally in film, television, radio and theatre, clients include cast members from the following professional musical productions:


A few testimonials:

Zeb Soanes: Newsreader and Announcer BBC Radio 4
“Thank you to the extraordinarily helpful Alix Longman for getting my voice fit for and audience of 3,000 in Trafalgar Square ”

Alun Armstrong: Actor
“Throughout my career I have suffered from voice strain and voice loss when required to shout for long periods. Several visits to laryngologists (with cameras down my throat) established that there were no physical issues and that I possessed very robust chords. Over the years I have sought the help of countless voice coaches and therapists but none could tell me what was causing the problem. Then I met Alix Longman and Hey Presto, problem solved!
Alix teaches a method of voice placement which fast and easy to grasp and the results are incredible! Not only dies it prevent strain but it makes the voice richer and more colourful and produces some fascinating results in terms of acting and accessing emotions. This is the singel most remarkable discovery I have made in over forty years as an actor and it’s so simple to learn. Alix’s VOCAL CONFIDENCE is absolute GOLD DUST!”

Anton Lesser – Actor
“Working with Alix Longman’s Vocal Confidence technique has been a revelation! It’s simplicity belies how radical her approach actually is, reversing as it does much of the received wisdom of how to teach voice. I am one of a growing band of practitioners who wish they had met Alix about 30 years ago and who feel she should be working in Drama Schools and our National Theatres.
I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Combined with her own wealth of experience, Alix has developed a unique teaching style and technique that is practical, accessible and FUN – with all clients gaining an instant improvement after just one 2 hour session!

• From pleasure-seeking amateurs to aspiring professionals…..

• From heavy-metal screamers with sore throats to gentle jazz crooners with no breath control…..

• From actors who don’t know how to project to dancers who don’t know what to project….

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* 10% Discount is offered if you are a member of Equity or a student