In brief – Born in England, but whisked off to the Antipodes at the age of two, Alix scored her first professional role as a teenager in an early Bruce Beresford film, ‘The Getting Of Wisdom’. She continued her training in theatre, dance and singing whilst getting her BA and Dip Ed in English Literature, Music and Drama from Monash University, Melbourne. She then worked extensively as an actress, singer, comedienne and writer for film, television drama and sketch comedy (‘The Comedy Company’), theatre, musicals, radio and cabaret as well as mounting her own successful one-woman shows.

Concurrent to her busy performing career on stage, film and television, she was the head of the Drama and Singing Departments at The Dance Factory in Melbourne, and during her time there she developed her own highly successful ‘Vocal Confidence Seminars’ for Speech and Singing. Her unique teaching method assisted students and professionals from all areas of the Performing Arts and given Vocal Confidence to countless more outside the Arts in every walk of life.

Vocal Confidence training is now as much in demand outside the Entertainment Industy as within.. as inspired clients have helped spread the word of its exponential value and application in both their professional and personal lives.

A few personal markers along the way – In 1994, Alix left Oz and travelled to New York where she developed her stand up comedy and co-wrote and produced a comedy show for radio. Since returning to London in 1995, Alix performed in numerous musicals and theatre both on and off the West End, including ‘Les Miserables’ and ‘Prisoner Cell-Block H – The Musical’ with Lily Savage.. as well as film, cabaret and radio. She featured in the Cannes 2004 Entry film, ‘Mothers & Daughters’ and was invited by old friend and colleague, Craig ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ Revel Horwood, to perform in Grange Park Opera’s ‘South Pacific’. In 2010, Alix trod the boards again in the role of Meg in UK premiere of ‘Hotel Sorrento’ by Hannie Rayson – and was also dialect coach for the production.

Her career has encompassed both new and classical works, (full CV available upon request)

Alongside an exceptional ability to improve anyone’s Vocal Confidence, one of Alix’s other passions is writing and collaborating on new original scripts and supporting undiscovered artists – She played an integral role in the development of Rocliffe ( a production company and forum for ‘new’ writing for film, television, radio and theatre where she donated her experience in acting and directing alongside script development for four years.

Personally, professionally and socially – Truth and HeArt determine where Alix dedicates her time, support, collaboration and passion..reconnecting Vocal Confidence to anyone and everyone creating original wares of integrity.
Honest voices soar ♥
After 20 exceptional and extraordinary years in the UK, Alix has now relocated to Melbourne, Australia offering Vocal Confidence in all formats.
All enquiries: Email
Just a few highlights and some..

Vocal Confidence training ongoing and VC ethos channeled into raising awareness of suppressed information regarding pertinent world issues not acknowledged in mainstream media.

A few valued testimonials – ongoing gratitude for the acknowledgment ♥

Alun Armstrong – Actor
“Throughout my career I have suffered from voice strain and voice loss when required to shout for prolonged periods. Several visits to laryngologists (with cameras down my throat) established that there were no physical issues and that I possessed very robust chords. Over the years I have sought the help of countless voice coaches and therapists but none could tell me what was causing the problem. Then I met Alix Longman and Hey Presto, problem solved! Alix teaches a method of voice placement which is fast and easy to grasp and the results are incredible! Not only does it prevent strain but it makes the voice richer and more colourful and produces some fascinating results in terms of acting and accessing emotions. This is the single most remarkable discovery I have made in over forty years as an actor and it’s so simple to learn. Alix’s VOCAL CONFIDENCE is absolute GOLD DUST!”

Anton Lesser – Actor
“’Working with Alix Longman’s Vocal Confidence technique has been a revelation! It’s simplicity belies how radical her approach actually is, reversing as it does much of the received wisdom of how to teach voice. I am one of a growing band of practitioners who wish they had met Alix about 30 years ago and who feel she should be working in Drama Schools and in our National Theatres.
I cannot recommend her highly enough”

Zeb Soanes – Newsreader & Announcer BBC Radio 4
“Thank you to the extraordinarily helpful Alix Longman for getting my voice fit for an audience of 3000 in Trafalgar Square last Monday”

Invited to give VocalConfidence training for the full-time courses at the Actors Temple London UK
Alix’s screenplay – working title- ‘Noone’s Girl – Saucer of Secrets’ optioned and is currently in development..
As well as giving Vocal Confidence training to individuals and groups in every field, Alix’s experience and expertise enable her to perform, write, direct, devise, collaborate, support and promote fellow artists.. as and when projects and fellow creatives’ talent and integrity inspire her passion to commit her dedication and involvement..
“Consider myself an idealistic realist.. believing dreams are only ever achieved with a commitment to respect, honesty and empathy for others and open acknowledgment of gratitude for all support received.
My work is my passion.. am a lover and performer of wit and pathos in equal measure.
In work, I’m always inspired to collaborate on stories of the human condition yet to be told..
In life, I most value the truth.. Nothing succeeds without integrity… Honest voices soar!

Dialect coach and played the role of Meg in UK premiere of ‘Hotel Sorrento’ by Hannie Rayson  – Directed by Adam Spreadbury-Maher at the Cocktavern Theatre, London – (Aug 17th – Sep 11th, 2010)

“Timely revival of Australian classic”
by Rebecca Paton for remotegoat on 21/08/10
Hotel Sorrento is a play about identity and loyalty, examining what it means to be part of a family and a country. It’s also a story about sisterhood and the place of women in modern Australian society. Set predominantly a sleepy Australian seaside town, the audience becomes intimately involved in the lives of three sisters, reunited after ten years apart when one of them, Meg (Alix Longman), writes a Booker nominated novel which is largely based on her own family’s past.

Hotel Sorrento was written in the 1990s but – at a time when another, real life Australian Booker Prize nominee hitting on the same themes is challenging the English cognoscenti and dividing critical opinion – the play’s themes and messages are just as relevant today as they were 20 years ago. It was therefore surprising that director Spreadbury-Maher chose to set the play in the early 90s, which gives his depiction of Australia a distinctly kitsch and slightly stereotypical feel. In striving to capture “Australia” he may have fallen into the trap that the characters warn against – a lot can change in ten years, and even more can change in twenty. As Meg says, “Australia can’t be contained in this sort of broad brushstroke you’re asking for. Great big vision makes very empty pictures if you don’t attend to the details.”

Saying that, the cast largely mastered the complex vowels which form the backbone of the Australian accent and the audience witnessed a fairdinkum BBQ and some fairly accurate depictions of Australian family dynamics. The token Brits did not escape the time warp and special mention must be made of the costumes which (especially for cosmopolitan Pippa and the very English Edwin) were a wonder to behold.

Alix Longman is wonderfully melodramatic and brooding, bringing to life the complex character of the writer, Meg and in drawing out her internal conflicts as she struggles with a promise made to her sister’s dead husband, and her integrity. The casting was spot-on for Maggie Daniels as Hilary and Shelley Lang as Pippa.

The Cock Theatre continues to out-do itself in set design and lighting, with clever cuts allowing the action to move seamlessly from Meg’s English flat, to a pier or beach in Sorrento, to the Moynihan family home.
– Sincerest gratitude and kudos to all the Hotel Sorrento cast and crew. xx

Oct – Invited to give VOCAL CONFIDENCE Seminar to WFTV – (Women in Film & Television – )

  • ‘Alix, I wanted to send a heart-felt thank you for an inspirational evening. You have such an engaging, vibrant delivery    and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me re-connect to my connection!’
    “The way we sound tells the story of who we are”
    Jo Cameron Brown – Dialect Coach

‘I benefited from your workshop so much, on the night and even the next day!’
‘A resounding success!’
‘I found Alix knowledgeable and really easy going, with a sparkling touch.’
‘It was an excellent session!’
‘So beneficial..I’d love to do more advanced Vocal Confidence workshops.’

  • All attendees commented the Vocal Confidence technique was extremely useful for their careers professionally and personally and concurred the session was informative and well-paced with ample time given to satisfactorily attend all questions.

Alix promoted and personally & financially supported Australian musician, Paul Addie .. from whom integrity via open acknowledgment for promised truth of loyal heart and compassion awaits.. Words and voices from hearts, soul and essence ever resonate.. despite the neglect and denial of chains of opportunism..

Paul Alix…mp3
</3 here until courage of truth n heart are chosen to heal pain of wayward sails and reactivate the positive timeline for all.. <3
“There was once a wise woman traveling in the mountains who found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she encountered a traveler who was very hungry and she opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler seeing the precious stone asked if she would give it to him. She did without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew that the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But after only a few days, he returned to give the stone back to the woman. I have been thinking, he said, I know how valuable the stone is, but I am giving it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. What would that be? asked the woman. I want you to give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone.”

———————————– <3

Concurrently from 2007-8, Alix vocal coached and creatively directed Miss Polly Rae and the Hurly Burly Girlies..helping launch them from a monthly residency at the Soho Revue Bar in Central London to their debut in the West End at the Leicester Square Theatre in late 2008..receiving great reviews both for direction and vocal training of the leading lady. (see below)

The Hurly Burly Show At The Leicester Square Theatre – West End London

Creative Direction, Concept, Design And Vocal Coaching By Alix Longman

“..Burlesque has returned with a vengeance and the Leicester Square venue plays a suitable home to the delights Miss Polly Rae and her Hurly Burly Girlys have to offer. As a regular event at the Soho Revue Bar this act has steadily gained a large and enthusiastic following and as with any burlesque, much of the excitement and atmosphere can be generated by an appreciative audience as much as the show itself. Alix Longman’s creation is a sumptuous affair mixing ebullient choreography with cheeky comedy and a generous helping of tease…

What makes Rae’s act different is her vocal ability. Whereas many a burlesque artist will settle for the bump and grind, Rae forgoes the silent act and gives us hearty renditions of classic ballads such as Fever, here decked out in a riot of crinolines and pompadours or Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries, a rye duet with the host. As the host for the evening Dusty Limits proves to be the compere without compare. Limits’, blessed with a wicked comic tongue sharpened by so many hen-nights, makes a delightful foil to Rae’s vampish charms. Also a fine vocalist (coached also by Alix Longman) Limits belts a Weimar worthy Johnny cavorting atop a straight-backed chair but it is his own number, the disgraceful Why River, that paints a much more astute picture of this talented performer..”

The Hurly Burly Show – Paul Vale – The Stage – Reviews- Published Friday 7 November 2008

“..Polly Rae is a confident, stylish stripper runs a gamut of roles from Barbarella to Scarlett O’Hara – all sumptuously dressed – and eventually undressed. The big surprise of the evening is her terrific vocal talent and she belts out a few numbers while she performs her act..”

“Glamour Glitz and Gorgeous Girls” by Aline Waites for remotegoat on 08/11/08

“..The show was fantastic, well written, paced and a constant surprise and joy. The work of directors is often maligned but I know that much of the sense of direction, polish and professionalism with the show came from your imput and drive. Well done..”

Kevin Wilson – CLOUT COMMUNICATIONS LTD 10/11/2008, West End Publicist of the Year 2007 – Fringe Report Awards